More About Me

Professional Philosophy

I often hear the expression "You can't please everyone." I don't believe this to be true. A person can do anything if they are truly committed to their goals. I have achieved a 100% Client Satisfaction rating for three decades in an industry that can be difficult to maintain such a record. Here is why:

I believe your word is your bond and that any promises made should be kept, in no uncertain terms.

I believe a Realtor should exemplify honesty, integrity, professionalism, and courtesy. These are not just words and should be incorporated into one's life, inside and outside of the work environment.
I believe a Realtor should explain, word for word, every document presented to their clients.
I believe a Realtor should respond promptly to their clients inquiries at all ours of the day and night.
I believe a Realtor should be present the entire transaction. And this includes being present at all inspections, appraisals, and walk-throughs.
Most important, I believe a Realtor should be more than just a Realtor. A Realtor should also be a confidant, advisor, and family friend to their clients.

Professional Standard

Many real estate agents know the tricks of the trade, few know the trade. This is where I stand out.
For over a decade, I have been providing the highest standard of quality service, knowledge, and advice to the clients I represent. I never forget that this is the most important investment of their lives and should be provided the easiest and smoothest transaction possible to ease their concerns during what can be a stressful time.

During the past 30+ years I have been, for volume sales, awarded the Bay East Assoc. "Masters Award, The Coldwell Banker "International Diamond Society", and "Presidents Club" Awards.
The most important award I have received is the gratitude and friendships formed with the individuals/ families I have had the pleasure of representing.

By having a strong belief in this mindset, I have been able to maintain my 100% Client Satisfaction rating for the past eighteen years.

Personal Background

Prior to my current adventures in real estate, I was once an executive chef. Being a chef early in life taught me many valuable lessons about true customer service. I think this is why becoming a Realtor was such an easy transition. Being a genuine "temperamental Chef" allowed me to set the highest standards for the clients who graced me with their patronage.
I remember that every time I hired a new employee, they had to memorize one simple phrase:
"Serve one great meal and they will tell their three closest friends. Serve one bad meal and they will tell everyone they ever meet for as long as they live."
I apply this phrase to all aspects of my professional life, thus I feel I have risen to the top in regards to providing an unparalleled quality of service and dedication.